The box that dresses up your legs!

You have great legs!

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Long, lanky, petite or strong - we love all legs. Here in Paris, where great legs are also called 'gambettes'.

Our mission: Free your legs! Everyone says that famous Parisian chic is about looking "effortless". We say it's more about looking like you know where you're going. Like a Parisienne just climbing the steps to Montmartre, strolling along the Rive Gauche in clacking heels or prancing tipsily back along the Right Bank. Welcome to Gambettes!

How does it work?


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september till may

Two exquisitely patterned premium tights every month, including two classic black tights within the year.


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june till august

In summer, we launch beachwear & co. for you. Price and size remain the same. If you want to take a break in summer, you can also "skip" these 3 months.


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zero risk

The shipping costs are included. Zero risk for you, because your subscription can be cancelled at any time. Carefree and secure payment


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voilà, she is here!

At the beginning of the month, we'll send your Gambettes Box. No hassle picking it up, it fits easily in the letterbox.

Gambettes image Gambettes' green heart

Gambettes' green heart

Sustainability is one of our priorities, which is why our tights and packaging are made from recycled materials. Dive into the green world of Gambettes Box.

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Gambettes image Designed in Paris

Designed in Paris

Find out more about our Parisienne style, produced in Italy

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Gambettes image Love Brands

Love Brands

Together is better than alone. Find out with which desirable brands we have already collaborated to create the most beautiful boxes for you.

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